Anita Gaasbeek-Ruigrok (1964) Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague

Anita about her paintings: “I have painted people in motion for years now. People who dance. I take a big interest in dancers and theatres. I like to draw sketches in the studio’s of dance companies such as Scapino Ballet Rotterdam or Nederlands Dans Theater. I make my sketches with a big brush on large sheets of paper, using ink or acrylic paint for even more colour. For me the challenge is to catch the tension and motion of the moving dancers. Very often, I put these sketches in a frame and show them in exhibitions. Also I use these sketches to work out paintings in more detail in my studio.

After this I was inspired by the Argentine Tango. I have visited tango saloons and came across some beautiful tango lyrics. Tangodancers demonstrated the dance for me, allowing me to make sketches. In my studio I have put together the elements of the lyrics, their stories and the images into tangopaintings in mixed media on canvas.

In Italy in recent years I made model sketches and paintings with pigments, egg tempera and other materials.

curriculum vitae Anita Gaasbeek (english)

Portfolio paintings


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Exhibition MOVING 2020
6 februari - 4 april 2020
Galerie de Hollandsche Maagd

9-10 januari 2021
11-17.30 uur Eusebius Kerk Arnhem
Stand  74 Anita Gaasbeek

Visit studio Anita Gaasbeek 
You can also visit the studio of Anita Gaasbeek. Located at Oosthaven 28 in Gouda. Openinghours
Thursday, Friday, Saturday 13.00-17.00 Also open by appointment 0031(0)6-15386063

za 11 en zo 12 januari 2020
11-17.30 uur Eusebius Kerk Arnhem
Stand  58 Anita Gaasbeek

Art at "De Mallemolen"
januari 2019 - februari 2020
Oosthaven 72, Gouda  more information or by appointment 0031(0)6-15386063

Hollandsche Maagd - Gouda
15-1 t/m 21 -2-2019
"Figures" exhibition sculptures Main kunstenaars, Claartje van Oosterum and Anita Gaasbeek (paintings/drawings)
in gallery"De Hollandsche Maagd" in Gouda

De Hollandsche Maagd - Gouda
11-09-08 t/m 25 -10-08
Anita Gaasbeek (dancepaintings) and Hortense de Kooter (sculptures) in "De Hollandsche Maagd"
the historical centre of Gouda, the Netherlands.

Theater Institiuut Nederland Amsterdam 5-7-07 t/m 5-7-08
Exhibition: Dansen! with the painting "Red" of Anita Gaasbeek

Tulpomania 17-3 /21-4-07
exhibition with Tulips of Anita Gaasbeek and other artists
Kunstuitleen de Bollenstreek Satelietbaan 14c, 2181 MH Hillegom

28-1-2007 Opening exhibition
Young & Young 15:00
Volmerlaan 7a, Rijswijk NL

Kunst in Abri's - Stadhuis Zoetermeer nov-dec 2006

Open Studios Zoetermeer 2006
09-10-2006 t/m 10-10-2006
Studio Anita Gaasbeek, Jessicagang 36, Zoetermeer.

Exhibition Galerie en Artotheek de Vlaming Zoetermeer 7th september - 10th september.

Kunstwerk Westvoorne - Oostvoorne
16-08-2006 t/m 27-08-2006
Anita Gaasbeek (dancepaintings) en Lucy de Kruijf (sculptures and graphic work) are working in the studio and show their work in galerie/atelier Kunstwerk Westvoorne Hoflaan 7, 3233 AN Oostvoorne open wo-zo van 11-17 uur

Dancepaintings: Anita Gaasbeek
03-07-2006 t/m 08-07-2006
Dancepaintings Anita Gaasbeek young dancers and children during the 10e "Dance and the Child International Conference" in the Hague. Exhibition in
Theater aan het Spui, Spui 187, 2511 BN Den Haag

Kunstlobby - Capelle a/d IJssel
18-02-2006 t/m 05-06-2006
Barbizonlaan 2, Capelle a/d IJssel.

Exhibition: Book of New Town Artists Europa - Zoetermeer
23-03-2006 t/m 02-04-2006
BaZtille, Rokkeveenseweg 46, 2712 XZ Zoetermeer

Exhibition: Smal Work-Great Artists
Galerie de Vlaming, Den Haag-Zoetermeer
17-05-2006 t/m 01-07-2006
'De Vlaming'
Zoetermeer: Vlamingstraat 2a, 2712 BZ Zoetermeer
Den Haag: Anna Paulownastraat 25, 2518 BA Den Haag

Tribute to Rembrandt on A4 - Sidac Studio - Leiden
02-06-2006 t/m 30-08-2006
Sidac Studio, Hogewoerd 77, 2311 HG Leiden

Stadstheater, Zoetermeer (november 2005)
Galerie Brak, Voorburg (juli 2005)*
Grand Cafť School Zoetermeer (januari - april 2005)*
Galerie Zone, Leiden (maart 2005)
Galerie de Vlaming, Den Haag (maart - april 2005) with Fieke Hordijk
De Uitwisseling - BaZtille Zoetermeer (4 januari - 14 februari 2005)* 2004
"Tango/Schetsen" BaZtille, Zoetermeer (december 2004)
Galerie Mas, Rotterdam
Galerie Brak, Voorburg*
Galerie de Verbeelding, Saaksum (Groningen)
Galerie Dutch-art, Rotterdam*
Erasmus Universiteit, Rotterdam*
Bewogen tijden Bewogen beelden, Zoetermeer*
Het Overzicht, Zoetermeer*
Galerie Cobald, Delft (duo expositie)
Humanistisch Verbond, Den Haag
De Glazen Linde, Opmeer
Galerie De Vlaming, Zoetermeer
Stadsgalerie, Gouda *
Galerie Noord, Groningen*
Stadhuis Zoetermeer
Galerie Pi , Renkum (duo expositie)
Stadhuis Gorinchem
Galerie Weber, Wiltz, Luxemburg
Div. theaters in Nederland (Tournee met Scapino Ballet)
Galerie Art Leathering, Maassluis
Galerie Verhaar, Wassenaar
Arti Forum, Voorburg*
l'Essentiel, Brussel (BelgiŽ)
Kasteel van Gaasbeek, Gaasbeek (BelgiŽ)
Goudse Schouwburg, Gouda
Roeland Druk, Den Haag
Landbouw Universiteit, Wageningen
Stadstheater Zoetermeer*
Lucent Danstheater, Den Haag
solo-exibitions, only:* concern exibitions in a groop

I also work on assignement (graphic design, illustration and paintings) and organize workshops, drawing and painting lessons in my studio.


schilderijen: Tango Que

schilderijen: Estrellas

schilderijen: Homero

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